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Ann Weller founded Ann Weller Events after two decades of diverse event planning success. Ann’s broad resume includes global clients and event experiences of every size and scale. With a unique eye for process improvement and streamlining complex workflows, Ann has delivered touchstone events for audiences in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Ann’s leadership approach seamlessly transforms a client’s expectation into event-vision and project-success. She has served a diverse spectrum of organizations, including diplomatic and government agencies, international corporations, and philanthropic endeavors. Ann has found success through creativity, adaptability and by aligning an organization’s brand messaging into impactful event experiences. From concept and strategy to vendor management and budget maintenance, she has led teams through the full life cycle of hundreds of conferences and events. Ann is someone who will enter into a project with enthusiasm and earn trust while enjoying what she does. Ann’s long experience and involvement in the industry continues to elevate her creativity and passion for events.

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